Shri Guruprasad Mohapatra, Chairman, AAI, officially inaugurated the AAI 1.8MWp Solar PV Plant at Jaipur International Airport on 09/02/2018.

The Obstacle in Our Path
In ancient times, a king had his men place a boulder on a roadway. He then hid in the bushes, and watched to see if anyone would move the boulder out of the way. Some of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers passed by and simply walked around it.
Many people blamed the King for not keeping the roads clear, but none of them did anything about getting the stone removed.

  • Ujaas organised CSR activity by launching Vigyanujaas wherein a mini science lab was installed in Susner on 1st February 2018.
  • Ujaas installed a solar plant at DTEA School on 9th March 2018.
  • Delegates from ISA visited the 20KW Solar Power System at Regional Park, Indore which was installed by Ujaas Energy Limited.
  • Ujaas Energy Limited was the Green Sponsor of International Management Conclave (IMA) where Mr. Anurag Mundra, shared his views.
  • Ujaas participated in ELECRAMA which is the biggest showcase of the world of electricity.
  •
  • Ujaas Energy Limited is proud to announce that our JMD Mr. Vikalp Mundra has been selected as the chairman of ELECRAMA 2020.
  • Our independent director Mr. Rajiva Kumar Shrivastava won the Saurya Vibhushan Award.

Sun for Life
Life as we know it would not be possible without the heat and light of the sun. The sun is such a constant, reliable sight that few of us rarely acknowledge its existence. Energy from the sun is very important to the earth. The sun warms our planet, heating the surface, the oceans and the atmosphere. This energy to the atmosphere is one of the primary drivers of our weather. The sun is the one of the primary reasons that life exists on earth. It has hidden benefits that prove it is a lot more than a gigantic lamp that lights your daily activities. It is a living, breathing organism.Read more...
By: Abhinav Lal
Assistant Manager - Corporate